We want EVERYONE that WANTS a Ripper Blade to HAVE a Ripper Blade! I have been in contact with dozens of our younger customers who are just starting and we want to help you get YOUR Ripper Blade. START YOUR Ripper Blade with $50 down! The balance can be paid in two payments and SHE ships when last payment is made. Available for ALL Stock Blades and CUSTOM builds.


Padawan Club – any NEW Jedi/Sith

Otaku Club – NEW and PRO Cosplayers

Gamers Club – ALL types

I REALLY want a Ripper Blade - YOU






Ripper Blades will ALWAYS have SOMETHING on SALE! We want you to get the BEST POSSIBLE DEAL on our blades so we will have different STOCK blades, NEW product OR Show inventory SALES every week. We will ALWAYS post these SALES on ALL Ripper Blades FB pages. We want Ripper Blade members to always have the FIRST and BEST discounts we can give them. All you must do is like/join one (or ALL) of our FB pages to get the notifications. So…. go join/like!!!


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