Acrylic Flat Blade - NOT Battle Ready

    You will receive ONE of the following Ripper Blades:


    Spartan V2 Ripper Blade ($100 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/spartanshortv2

    Cutlass Ripper Blade ($120 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/cutlass

    Clear Black Ripper Blade ($120 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/clearblack

    Katana Ripper Blade ($130 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/katana

    Katana 3000 Ripper Blade ($130 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/katana3000

    Straight V1 Ripper Blade ($130 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/straightv1

    Straight V2 Ripper Blade ($130 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/straightv2   

    Galaxy Ripper Blade ($130 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/galaxy

    Black Ripper Blade V1 ($150 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/blackbladev1

    Black Ripper Blade V2 ($160 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/blackbladev2

    Black Ripper Blade V3 ($160 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/blackbladev3

    Bat Ripper Blade ($180 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/bat-ripper-blade

    Legend Ripper Blade ($200 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/legend

    Pyramid Ripper Blade ($200 value) https://ripperblades.net/products/pyramid


    You may also receive NEW PROTOTYPES or ONE OF A KIND Ripper Blades

    *NOTE – ALL Ripper Blades ARE COMPATIBLE with Ultrasabers, Vader’s Vault, Hamptons OTS System, Darth Alice Sabers, Solo’s Hold, Custom Saber Shop, CONVERTED Black Series, Saberforge and most hilts circulating in the community. MOST standard hilt inner diameters are 1”. We also make 7/8” and 3/4” blades on request.