HANDMADE stunt hilt with complimentary stock blade

    HILT LENGTH - 13"

    HILT WIDTH - 1 1/2"

    HILT WEIGHT - 11 ounces 

    BLADE - This hilt takes a 1" blade (SEE NOTE) We can also make 7/8" and 3/4" blades with adapters to fit this hilt

    BLADE OPTIONS -  COMPLIMENTARY basic thin walled stock blade comes with hilt. OPTION to upgrade to SPARRING THICK walled Ripper Blade available 

    LED COLORS - Lightning Blue, Toxic Green, Blood Red, Dark Pink, Ghost White, Cyan Blue 

    ETA: 3 to 4 weeks



    RIPPER CLONES! Our sister website offers Ripper Blade CLONES. Same QUALITY design with BUDGET FRIENDLY prices. The only difference is in the finish. Ripper Blades have more etching on them and less time is spent polishing and sanding the CLONES. RB Clones are not available in color. CHECK THEM OUT!  https://ripperclones.com/


    NOTE – ALL ForceSabersUK hilts are made in the UK and are compatible with most 1" blades. MOST 1" blades will have a tight fit and we recommend that if you DO NOT use a Ripper Blade with this product, that you sand the bottom of the blade in order for it to fit inside this Forcesabers UK hilt. When purchasing WITH a Ripper Blade, we will make sure the blade fits properly before we send the RB / Hilt combo out.