• PIXEL GALAXY Ripper Blade



    Polycarbonate 1" tube - pixel blade made by LGT OR pixel blade made in-house using TCSS parts

    THIN walled (THICK walled and 7/8" can be made on request. PLEASE CONTACT ripperbladecustoms@yahoo.com) 


    LENGTH - 32", 34" OR 36" long / parabolic tip

    Ripper Blades are made of polycarbonate tubes and ARE DUEL WORTHY

    ALL Ripper Blades are painted and etched by artist Gary Ripper

    YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BLADE ONLY. HILT NOT INCLUDED. We have a selection of cosplay hilts on our Ripper Clone website https://ripperclones.com/shop/ols/categories/cosplay-hilts

    ETA: 4 to 6 weeks

    NOTE – ALL Ripper Blades ARE COMPATIBLE with Ultrasabers, The Pach Store, Vader’s Vault, Electrum Sabercraft, Darth Alice Sabers, LGT and all of their affiliates (Darkswolf Custom Sabers, Crimson Dawn, Aus Sabers, Vire Sabers and all others), Custom Saber Shop, CONVERTED Black Series, Saberforge and most hilts circulating in the saber community. MOST standard hilt inner diameters are 1”. We also make 7/8” and 3/4" blades on request.