3D PRINTED empty hilt

    One of several designs made by Ripper Blade Partner - SMUGGLER'S DEN 


    Inner diameter is made to fit ANY 1" blade

    Inspired by Ezra's original blaster hilt from SW Rebels

    This hilt comes with 2 pieces. All other parts have been attached

    This hilt is 10.5" long and 5" wide

    You will receive: 1 Emitter / 1 blaster hilt with all other pieces attached

    ALL Smuggler's Den hilt pieces work off the same threading system

    EVERY switch section comes with a fake botton for one of the two holes should you want to install a light only set up (additional fake botton available) 

    Hilt has brass threaded heat-set inserts in order to provide durability to the threads and will come with set screws to secure your light and blade

    This hilt is made for cosplay and display ONLY. NOT BATTLE READY

    ETA: 2/4 WEEKS

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