• Unstable PHOTON PEARL Ripper Blades - GREEN



    •  Polycarbonate 1” tube

    • *PERMANENT adapter will be placed on the 7/8" blades UNLESS NO ADAPTER option is used*

    •   Photon GREEN available in THIN or THICK walled

    •  Available in 30”, 33”and 35” 

    •  CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE  (18" TO 40") Please contact rippervee@yahoo.com

    •  Bullet or Round tips available

    •  SIDE SPIKES also available for Crossguard SETS

    •  Matching SIDE SPIKES available in 1" or 7/8

    •  Side spikes ARE BATTLE READY

    • *Fits in MOST hilts (see NOTE)


    •  BLADE ONLY (Hilt - NOT included)

    ETA : If in stock, your order will be shipped within a week. If we do not have this particular blade in stock the ETA is between 3 to 4 weeks. Please feel free to contact seller for a more accurate ETA if you have not received your Ripper Blade within 10 days of purchase.

    *NOTE – ALL Ripper Blades ARE COMPATIBLE with Ultrasabers, Vader’s Vault, Hamptons OTS System, Darth Alice Sabers, Solo’s Hold, Custom Saber Shop, CONVERTED Black Series, Saberforge and most hilts circulating in the community. MOST standard hilt inner diameters are 1”. We also make 7/8” blades on request.